Atlantic Terrace is providing this page for owners who want or need to switch their week for a different week with a fellow owner.

We will post your owner swap advertisement. Please be sure to provide the necessary information by filling out the form below completely. As your week or the week you are swapping for pass, we will remove your advertisement. The board of directors, SPM Resorts nor the Homeowner’s Association assume any liability or involvement in the swaps between owners.

The resort must be notified about the swap in writing.

Current Owner Swap Listings – 2018

Own: Unit 3A / May 18 to 25
Swap for: July thru September
Year:  2018
Contact: (724) 630-6905 or

Own: Unit 2B / Week 51
Swap for: Flexible
Year:  2018
Contact: (954) 600-1280 or

Own: 5A / Week 39  September 28 through October 5
Swap for:  an A unit in May
Year: 2018
Contact: (602) 402-8248 or

Own: 2B or 3B / Week 14
Swap for: Week 13, unit A or B3 and above or 8C
Year: 2018
Contact: (269) 274-9969 or

Current Owner Swap Listings – Permanent

Own: 7A/week 14
Swap for: Week 13, Unit A or B 3 and above or 8 C
Year: Permanent
Contact: (517) 262-4266 or (296) 274-9969 or

Own: Unit 7A/week 21
Swap for: Week in September, 5th floor or higher
Year: Permanent
Contact: (352) 330-6569 or

Own: Unit 5C/week 29
Swap for: Week 30
Year: Permanent in 2018
Contact: (314) 603-4719 or

Own: Unit 3A/week 30
Swap for: Week 23, 24, 25, or 28, A or B, 3rd floor or higher
Year: Permanent
Contact: (904) 382-7201 or

Own: Unit 2A/week 23
Swap for: Week 30
Year: Permanent
Contact: (765) 366-6901 or

Own: Unit 8B/week 50
Swap for: Week 26 or 29, A or B
Year: Yearly or Permanent
Contact: (606) 416 – 4440 or